The Value of Dips in Player Development


A strong and durable upper-body is a must for o-line athletes. The lower-body may be the engine of force production, but it is the upper-body that most often comes in contact with d-linemen, and must bear the brunt of these violent interactions. Dips are a simple and effective exercise for developing and strengthening the muscles of the upper-body (pecs, lats, [...]

The Clean: A Powerful Tool in Developing Bull-Rush Stopping Capabilites


The Clean: A Powerful Tool in Developing Bull-Rush Stopping Capabilites  Forcing a d-lineman to choose the bullrush is a WIN for the o-lineman. This is because many movements of o-line play require unnatural skills that must be learned, practiced, and ingrained in the CNS. However, when defending against the bullrush, an o-line athlete gets to do a movement that comes relatively naturally. [...]

The Value of Pistol Squats for Offensive Line Athletes


O-line athletes need to maximize balance and stability in order to meet the F.T.T.G. (Force Thru The Ground™) and P2P (Pressure To Pressure™) demands of o-line play. One of the most fundamental aspects of balance and stability is being able to synchronize the use of your legs and core properly. This means that your CNS efficiently recruits and activates these [...]

Benefits of Torque Incline DB Bench


The Torque Incline DB Bench (TIDB) takes up where the Torque Bar Static Bench (TBSB) and Torque DB Bench (TDB) leave off. The TBSB is the ultimate striking strength builder by targeting the muscles and motor pathway of a proper strike. The TDB introduces the use of independent hands. The TIDB continues the theme of independent hand usage, and combined [...]

Pull-Up to Better Performance


Proper posture is the key to excellent o-line technique. Most notably, the mid- and upper-back muscles (lats, rhomboids, trapezius, external rotators) are your "posture muscles," because they externally rotate the shoulder. External rotation (torque) is a strong, stable positioning of the arm in the shoulder joint, which actively links the arm musculature with the rest of the body. So, when [...]

Pad Level Builder Module – Week 4

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Pad Level Builder Module - Week 4 Monday Ankle Mobility Jump Rope Double Leg 4 sets / 60s/ 30s rest Posterior Front Squat Heels Raised - Eccentric Focused 10 sets of 3 reps / 60s rest / 65%-70% Intensity *Focus on the quality of the movement. Lower Back/Core-Superset Back Extensions  4 sets / 10 reps  Weighted Planks  4 sets / [...]

Bullrush Stopper Module – Week 3

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Bullrush Stopper Module - Week 3  Monday  Power Movement Power Clean 3 sets / 3 reps / 60s rest / 68-73% Intensity 2 sets / 2 reps / 90s rest / 70-75% Intensity *Focus on moving the weight with efficiency. If your technique isn't clean, lower the weight. *The weight will come. Focus on your setup and attack the weight. [...]

The Value of Floor Press


An important step in building an o-line athlete's strike is the development of upper-body muscular strength. This means strong pecs, delts, tri's, and lats. That being said, the Floor Press (FP) is an excellent movement for intensely developing upper-body strength while minimizing exposure to shoulder and pec injury. It has a smaller ROM than the bench press, but this is [...]

Quality Over Quantity


The tempo of football has gotten faster and faster over the last 15-20 years. Naturally as the pace of the game increases, that assumes the pace of practice has to be fast as well. Coaches now take pride in how Fast the tempo of their practice is. There has also been a general consensus on how poor blocking and tackling [...]

The Value of Med Ball Slams


Med ball (MB) slams are a useful training tool for teaching o-line athletes to quickly and powerfully sink their hips. Whether sitting on a bullrush or run blocking, a strong and leveraged body position is always desired. However, the opposing d-lineman is constantly trying to maneuver you into a weak, unstable position. Hence, during a play, if you initially have [...]